A special (coffee) delivery


I wish I could show you how excited I am about my delivery today.
What delivery? Good question! …

Let’s start at the beginning. Last week I was reading a book. “Reading” is a big word because I hate reading books. I was browsing through a book… (That’s a better description). “Puur Koffie” (pure coffee) is a Flemish book about burning, drinking and making coffee. In short, the ideal book for the trendy coffee drinkers. In the book they show you several  ways to make the perfect coffee. It was there that I met the Chemex® coffee maker.


I had never heard of Chemex. But I fell immediately in love with the beautiful design. The transparent glass combined with warm wood. It looks like a modern combination, but that’s not true at all. Chemex® was designed and invented by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941. The Chemex® Coffee Maker is “one of the best-designed products of modern times”, and so it still is included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. And it is still for sale at several coffee bars today. After some research I ended up at the Dutch webshop of Fascino. They sell a starter kit of the Chemex® for about € 52 (or 57USD). In this kit you will get the Chemex® Classic 6 cup, two packs of freshly ground coffee and 100 Chemex® paper filters.


Enough promotion now … Let me talk to you about my personal experience. As I mentioned earlier, I have received my package this morning. Unpacked and several hours later I was ready to go. I first looked at some youtube tutorials. So I was sure I used the correct proportions to make the perfect coffee.




This is what you need for 4 cups of coffee:




This is what you do:

  1. Get into the grind. Select your favorite whole bean coffee you want to enjoy and grind it to medium coarse ground.
  2. Open a Coffee Filter into a cone shape so that one side of the cone has three layers, and place it into the top of the Chemex® brewer. The thick (three-layer) portion should cover the pouring spout.
  3. Put one rounded tablespoon of ground coffee for every 5 oz. cup into the filter cone. Feel free to use more if you prefer it stronger; our Chemex® brewing process eliminates bitterness.
  4. Let it bloom. Once you have brought the appropriate amount of water to a boil, remove it from the heat and allow it to stop boiling vigorously. Pour a small amount of water over the coffee grounds to wet them, and wait for about 30 seconds for them to “bloom”, releasing the most desirable coffee elements from the grounds.
  5. First pour. After the grounds bloom, slowly pour the brewing water over the grounds while keeping the water level well below the top of the Chemex® (quarter inch or more).
  6. Brew on. Slowly pour the remaining water over the grounds, using a circular or back-and-forth motion as you pour to ensure an even soaking of the grounds.
  7. Toss the filter. Once the desired amount of coffee is brewed, lift the filter with spent grounds out of the brewer and discard.
  8. Enjoy the perfect cup. Pour your freshly made coffee into your Chemex® mug and indulge in the flavor.

(Source: http://www.chemexcoffeemaker.com/brewing-product-care-instructions)


“Powerful in its simplicity.”

Conclusion: Not only it’s design but also the usability makes this a great product. A simple way to make delicious (and honest) coffee, powerful in its simplicity. I’d like to compare it with an analog camera. Today, there are many digital cameras on the market. But even with a simple shoe box (camera obscura) you can take a perfect picture. That’s the same with this coffeemaker. With this simple shape you can achieve delicious coffee. All you need is boiling water, as simple as that. And yes, below you see the result of my brewed coffee.


Want to get started with this device? That is possible! Order it now here!



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