Find the unfindable


Both my parents celebrate their birthday this month. Time to start looking for presents…

In this post I write about the  present for my father.


Meet my father, he is the best … (in losing everything). His smart phone, wallet, keys, … Nine out of ten times he forgot something or lost it. In a magazine I saw a kind of tracker that helps you find your stuff. Ideally you think … but there are many trackers on the market today. That’s why I went looking for the most appropriate tracker.


Here are 3 popular brands that sell trackers (with there pros and cons):

I chose the Chipolo. These small, round chip comes in many colors. The tracker is not too big and looks very nice. You can hang it easily with your keys, or as a coin in your wallet. The chipolo comes with a handy and well styled application. A handy info screen shows you step by step how to connect the Chipolo. When I started the app I need to activate the battery, turn on my bluetooth connection and place the chip on my device. The Chipolo did the rest.


But how does it work? Good question!

If you lost an object (with a Chipolo), you can simply press the button (on your smartphone app) and it will send an alarm signal to the Chipolo. The tracker will now make a noise, so you can go by the sound. And if you do have your chipolo, but you lost your smartphone? Then you just shake the chipolo and your smartphone will automatically trigger an alarm. Easy right?

Some nice extras: since your Chipolo has Bluetooth on board, it is ideal to use as a remote for your smartphone camera. Simply wave with the chip, and your new profile picture is in the making! The Chipolo battery lasts about 6 months. But Chipolo gives you an extra battery. So, you have one more year with the replaceable battery! Nice detail, the color of the app is determined by the color of your Chipolo.


I think we can conclude that this device is a handy tool! Cheap, long life and it comes with a very user friendly app.

If you are interested in this Chipolo? Be sure to check their web shop! Thanks to the great people of Chipolo you can get a promo code. Please use this one: NOTHINGISLOST for 20% discount on Duet Pack (2 Chipolps).



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