Lamzac® by Fatboy

P1010283 It's officially summer, in theory at least… Here in Belgium we will have to wait for drinking cocktails on the beach and barbecuing. Lots of rain and little sunshine. Enough about the weather. Because even though it's not a real summer outside, I give you a summer tip anyway. READ MORE

Poolside FM

fb Long boring days at the office ... sounds familiar? Exactly! Sound! That's what I want to talk about in this post. A while ago I bumped into a nice tool for the Mac called Poolside FM. It is a free internet-radio service without chatter. No talking, news or advertising. Just sound … Like any radio station should ... READ MORE

Swarm 4.0 – On stats


Swarm 4.1

Almost everyone knows Swarm, right? And if you would not know Swarm you probably know Foursquare … Swarm was released two years ago as the then "new" Foursquare. Today it is a social app in which you battle with your friends for the highest score. To win you ‘ check in' at locations that provide you points. The more points, the ... READ MORE

My Apple Pencil review

IMG_6110 Over the past year’s I had a few different styluses. From the ordinary basic stylus till the Paper Pencil by 53. I tested them all. Now Apple has launched the Apple Pencil. However Steve Jobs was the one who said that we would never use a stylus again. READ MORE

Jeff – Life on a Limb

I found this cool video about the life of graphic designers.   ... READ MORE

Spring 2016 – Apple Music Playlist

  Now that the sun is shining, it's time for some spring vibes. I have put together a Apple Music ™ playlist for you. The best spring beats of the moment (according to me at least)!  Enjoy!  READ MORE

Dribbble invite party!

dribbble-invite-giveaway-2014 As you guys know, I'm active on Dribbble. This is an online platform for graphic designers. But not everyone can post his/her work on Dribbble. No, for Dribbble you should do some effort. Only selected users can give away an invitations to other talented designers. This way you are quite sure about the professional designers. Amateurs are not allowed!   A few weeks ago I ... READ MORE

Find the unfindable

391214 Both my parents celebrate their birthday this month. Time to start looking for presents... In this post I write about the  present for my father.   Meet my father, he is the best ... (in losing everything). His smart phone, wallet, keys, ... Nine out of ten times he forgot something or lost it. In a magazine I saw a kind of tracker that helps you find your stuff. Ideally ... READ MORE

I like Peach(es) – By Joeri Lommelen

391214-1024x567Every so often a new app suddenly appears in the App Store and gets your excitement. The latest app to do this is Peach – a new social networking app from Dom Hofmann, co-founder of video-based social network Vine. Peach is “a fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself,” and has exploded onto the scene – breaking into the top #10 Social Networking ... READ MORE

A special (coffee) delivery

Chemex_09 I wish I could show you how excited I am about my delivery today. What delivery? Good question! ... Let's start at the beginning. Last week I was reading a book. "Reading" is a big word because I hate reading books. I was browsing through a book... (That's a better description). "Puur Koffie" (pure coffee) is a Flemish book about burning, drinking and ... READ MORE