I like Peach(es) – By Joeri Lommelen

391214-1024x567Every so often a new app suddenly appears in the App Store and gets your excitement. The latest app to do this is Peach – a new social networking app from Dom Hofmann, co-founder of video-based social network Vine.

Peach is “a fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself,” and has exploded onto the scene – breaking into the top #10 Social Networking apps in the App Store already.

How Peach works

Peach encourages the easy sharing of video, images, gifs and even user-created drawings. The real differentiating factor in the app are Slack-like commands called “Magic Words”!

Users can also interact with each other via a multi-faceted interaction menu, similar to Facebook’s old Poke feature, friends can wave, boop and send cake to each other. Everyday these commands change, so you can surprise your friends every day.


Magic Words

Peach is centered around “Magic Words.” These words trigger different types of posts within the app – similar to how commands work within Slack.

Typing “weather” for example will add the weather to your update and “shout” will make your text larger and more eye-catching.

Some of the magic words are a little quirkier, using “song” works like Shazam and identifies the song you’re currently listening to and “move” will share your fitness data (such as steps taken).

Here’s a full list of Magic Words:

Are you willing to discover Peach?

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A special thanks to Joeri Lommelen for posting this interesting blogpost. Read more of his post here: http://joerilommelen.be/favorites/i-like-peaches/


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