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It’s officially summer, in theory at least… Here in Belgium we will have to wait for drinking cocktails on the beach and barbecuing. Lots of rain and little sunshine. Enough about the weather. Because even though it’s not a real summer outside, I give you a summer tip anyway.

Are you going on vacation? Or maybe you go to a festival? Then this next product is a must have for you! “An inflatable bag.” There is no better description. It is truly an inflatable bag. Made from strong material (High quality nylon ripstop). The bag is made in such a way that there has no air to  be blown in it. A simple lateral movement and the bag is filled with air. Anyone can do it anytime, anywhere.

Because of the material the Lamzac  is ideal to use as a seat for festivals, on the beach, camping, in the park … even during a hiking trip. And the best is yet to come …The Lamzac impermeable to air but not water. This makes it the ideal inflatable air mattress in the pool, the sea …

In the beginning it was a bit of practice to get air in the right way. Once you have figured it out the bag is filled in less than one minute. To store is even easier … just open the buckle and roll. The bag is empty again and you can store it very quickly. The bag weighs less than two kilograms and is very compact. This makes it fits easily into a backpack / bag / small briefcase.

My Lamzac is brown, but they are available in a variety of bright colors. The bag is now online available for about € 75. Get yours quickly!

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