My Apple Pencil review


Over the past year’s I had a few different styluses. From the ordinary basic stylus till the Paper Pencil by 53. I tested them all. Now Apple has launched the Apple Pencil. However Steve Jobs was the one who said that we would never use a stylus again.

“If you see a stylus, they blew it.”
Steve Jobs, 2010

But don’t worry, maybe Steve wasn’t right? It’s not nice to crack off a product with prejudice. Equality before the law, right? Also for this stylus. With a prize of €109 this is one of the most expensive styluses ever. But is he worth it? Will find out in a moment…

Apple Pencil comes in a small white box. One that could be actually much smaller, as always 70% of the packaging is useless and lost. Inside we find the warranty, and specifications. And a few basic instructions. Despite these basic instructions it took me half an hour to connect the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro. Turns out you have to connect the Apple Pencil trough the lightning port of the iPad Pro to pair. Did I mention that the Apple Pencil only works with the iPad Pro? Well, another smart move from Apple … The stylus can only be used with the Pro series of the iPad. A real bummer for those who just bought an iPad Air (2). I’ve tested it, and it really does not work …


I must admit that I fell back of the accuracy of the pen. The precision and responsiveness are amazing. Of course, Apple gave some nice features such as shadows.When you hold the pen diagonally get a shadow effect of your line. When the Apple Pencil is linked, you can safely put your palm on your screen. Only Apple Pencil will react to touch the screen. The best feature I like is the ease of use. Unlike other styluses you should not link this pen inside the apps. Apple Pencil is already paired and ready for use. No more messing around, or ask yourself if the app is compatible.

IMG_6116Meanwhile, I tested a few apps and compared them.

My favorite app list:

My works with the Apple Pencil:

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Each app has its advantages and disadvantages. One thing is certain, they all work perfectly with the Apple Pencil. When you buy this Apple Pencil it is charged 90%. Apple mentioned on their website that 15 seconds of charging will give you 30 minutes of working time. The Apple Pencil is 100% charged in 15 minutes and ready for the next 12 hours of use.


What makes this stylus better than the other?

Overall score and concludes:

Score: 9/10


Apple Pencil is by far the best stylus I’ve ever used. It’s a pricey stylus but with the best results.