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Swarm 4.1

Almost everyone knows Swarm, right? And if you would not know Swarm you probably know Foursquare … Swarm was released two years ago as the then “new” Foursquare. Today it is a social app in which you battle with your friends for the highest score. To win you ‘ check in‘ at locations that provide you points. The more points, the higher your score and the more coins you earn.

After 2 years Swarm is ready for the next chapter. Data collection is (almost) the main purpose of each app. Swarm at this bet. By triggering the user with visual data. The latest version of the app will show you lots of statistics on your environment. What places you get the most? Or with who do you hang out the most?


Also Swarm is letting you go ‘off the grid’ for check-ins. With this function users can check in at various locations as they normally would, but those check-ins won’t apply to mayorships, and friends can’t see your location.

Swarm is free and available here:

SwarmApp Store (iPhone)

SwarmGoogle Play (Android)

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